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Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your training processes? Gamify the learning in your organisation! Discover the power of a simple, dynamic, fun course. Our team of expert consultants will be happy to advise you and offer you the best way to implement Quizfit in your company to take full advantage of the platform.

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Quizfit coordinates its sales offices and supports its national and international clients from its headquarters in Madrid, Spain

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This is what people who have tried it said about Quizfit

“Quizfit is a true learning tool. With a simple structure and a few basic rules, and through the competition inherent in what we all know as gamification, it is possible to stimulate involvement and so deepen the learning of a subject, resulting in an improved knowledge base. It is amazing how adults learn in the same way as children: by playing. The tool also allows different devices to be used, making it easier to take part wherever you are and whenever suits you best. For me it is a great choice and a success when it comes to developing knowledge whilst having a good time.” 

-Gregorio Morales Rueda, Training Manager at Celgene

“With Quizfit we have realised the importance of gamification in corporate training. Thanks to the multi-device technology, our students can take advantage of the training at any time. This has had an exponential effect on the participation of all our courses.”

– Director of training and development of a telecommunications company

“This modern gamification platform, Quizfit, has significantly increased the performance of all our training processes. Now, the students are not only more participatory, but take the content on board more quickly and easily.”

-Training Manager in a pharmaceutical company

“The multi-language Quizfit architecture allowed us to launch a game based on questions about our company and our products to employees in several countries and in several languages simultaneously. All in record time and compatible with our LMS.”

-HR Director of an automobile company