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Cookies are information that is stored on the browser of your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Cookies in
In we use cookies to know what pages of our website you visit, what you do in them and what interests you most. In this way, when you re-enter, your visit will be more personalized. By browsing through our website you accept the use of cookies.

Basically, what are they for and what kind of cookies do we use on our website?

Basically, to know you better and know what to offer you:
Cookies do not identify you personally and imply no risk to your computer or mobile device. They are simply tools used by the websites you visit to improve your experience.
You decide whether or not to allow cookies but, if you decide to not enable them, you must block them in your browser. Prior to blocking, it is important to know some basic things.
For example, in Quizfit we use cookies to know which language you prefer for your next visit to our website.

Our website uses 2 types of cookies
Our own cookies:

– Acceptance of the use of cookies: Stores data if the user has accepted the use of cookies on the website.

– Browser language: Stores the language to be used when displaying content to the user.

Third person cookies:
– Google Analytics cookies: Allow us to monitor the website by using the Google Analytics service which provides information on user website access for statistical analysis so as to improve the supply of products and services.

For more information on Google Analytics cookies go to:

You can always disable the use of cookies whenever you see fit, through the settings/configuration of your browser. You can block, restrict, disable or delete the acceptance of cookies. However, we remind you that, if you decide to change the cookies settings, the service provided through the website could be partially or totally affected.

Here are some links to the main web browsers’ support services where you can see how to change your cookie settings:

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For more information on cookies, please consult the:

Guidance on the Use of Cookies by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (PDF, 630 KB)