It satisfies any training need, whatever the subject is. Thanks to the versatility of Quizfit you will be able to provide an integrated learning experience on a single platform, effectively communicate information and news to your team, or make it the perfect complement to your online or blended learning programmes.


Ensure your employees know every aspect of your organisation and internalise changes and improvements.


Knowing, understanding and being able to analyse the external factors that affect your company will enable your team to make the best decisions.


Ensure that all your departments and areas know everything they need to about your company’s products and services and so increase your customer satisfaction.


Train skills and behaviours, generate effective habits, develop competences and empower your team to reach their full potential.


How can you use Quizfit?

For a curse

Use Quizfit as a single training tool. The multitude of pedagogical resources and game types make it the best alternative to traditional e-learning. A game in which everyone wins, because everyone learns.

For an event

Organise an activity that revolves around Quizfit. Choose the theme, personalise the content and surprise the attendees. Its innovative features and its intuitive interface will do the rest. Moreover, through the assessment panel you can get real-time feedback on the participants’ performance.

To complement a course or event

Use Quizfit to complement your corporate events or your online or classroom training: Beforehand, to assess prior knowledge, during, to energise and reinforce content, or afterwards, to test its effectiveness.

  • Classroom training
  • Elearning training
  • Events

And you can also choose when :

  • Before activity
  • During activity
  • After activity